To the Emma Watson Pledge Class...

You walk into a dim lit room, your eyes supposedly closed, and wait to become a part of this service fraternity, whatever that means. You really have no idea what to expect during this thing they call “Ritual” besides finally becoming a pledge, (but weren’t you already?). I remember my Ritual in extreme detail. I made the mistake of wearing 5 inch heels. When I was trying to pay attention to what the Exec board was saying, I heard the parents mumbling behind me. I giggled as everyone went around the room and stated their full name. I remember finally taking that pledge class picture.

This past week, I was on the flipside. I watched as the rushees stumbled into the Union Ballroom, eyes closed, crashing into the person in front of them. I saw them tapping their feet anxiously, wondering what was going to happen next. I noticed forced smiles form for countless pictures within the different groups. I watched rushees transform into pledges.

There’s something that happens at Ritual that makes you feel a part of something. I can’t really describe what it feels like, you just kind of know when you go through it. The atmosphere changes and somehow in the short span of 45 minutes to an hour you have a family.

To the Emma Watson pledge class, I hope pledging goes well and you find your broments. I hope you find people you connect with and service events that touch your heart. But most importantly, I have faith you find your home within Alpha Alpha.

In Leadership, Friendship, and a whole lot of service,

Franny Fotopoulos