Stork Spotting at Illini Union

Hey Alpha Alpha! This is your Public Rep Director, Kim Nalley, bringing you the news about 2015 Pledge Ritual! Last night, this year's pledges were introduced to our fraternity's history, values, and purpose, and then presented as official pledges by the Fall 2015 Executive Board (who did a phenomenal job! Frank Reed Horton would be proud!). Afterwards, one of our chapter's traditions of forming families within dynasties was upheld and the pledge children met their parents and siblings. If you weren't there to witness it here's a highlight reel of what you missed: conga lines of pledges with their eyes closed, lots of whispering and subsequent shushing, dim lights and lots of tradition, screaming new families, little mobs of people scattered around, and more group pictures than you took at prom. Also, an awesome opportunity to take a picture with our banner and letters! Overall it was a great pledge ritual, and we are happy to have our pledges this semester. Congratulations Pledges!!