To the Fall 2017 Pledge Class

To the Fall 2017 Pledge Class,


First of all, congratulations! Every week you have been dedicating hours of your time developing yourselves as leaders, creating friendly relationships, and serving the people around you. 

I would like to share with you all an experience that has a special place in my heart. I remember back when I pledged (Fall 2013 I’m old. I know) we were all circling up to sing the toast song. Before this moment, the last time we sang the toast song as a whole pledge class was during the second pledge meeting. We were strangers back then. Eventually, it began. “Here’s to Alpha Phi Omega loyal brothers we…” I scanned the room and saw everyone singing along, all the while thinking about the experiences we’ve shared together. I’d look at one pledge and be like “Oh man I remember volunteering at this service event with you; I hope we end up at the same service event again in the future”. My eyes would shift to the next person and I would think, “The last time I saw you I was chasing you down the street trying to tag you in spoon wars”. As we continued to sway to the toast song, my smile would get bigger and bigger because I would remember a unique experience with every person I looked at. The song was coming to a close and I was singing the words with my whole being, “True to Alpha Phi Omega, may we always be”. This was the moment where I felt I’ve made one of the best decisions of my college career. This was the moment which I consider one of my first and favorite “broments”. This was the moment where I truly felt I belonged in Alpha Phi Omega. Because it was at this instance, we were no longer strangers. We were brothers.

-John Florido