Spoon Wars Fall 2k17

Honestly, I didn’t know what else to expect. It was 12 am Monday morning and this unsettling fear set over me. I couldn’t place what it was exactly. Was it the three midterms coming up? Was it the deadline for applications to internships? Did I forget an important assignment? I sat in my room, silently pondering, what caused this much fear to consume me. At this moment, my roommate walked in and I jumped to his entrance. He just stood in the doorway completely shocked but he was not looking at me, he was looking at my hand. It dawned on me as I stood there with a spoon in my hand, spoon wars had begun. 2 weeks of anxiously walking around, always having to check your surroundings and not being able to trust anyone. It was the longest 2 weeks of my life but I was able to fight through them while also managing to snag two tags (which made me feel a whole lot creepier than before). As I was sitting in Pledge Meeting 8 feeling accomplished for helping my small group be a factor in the games, I reminisced all the interesting encounters I had during the past two weeks. Some fellow pledges would casually say hi without the thought of spoon wars. Some would give me a glare while showing off their spoon as a replacement for their middle finger. In the end we all got back together and celebrated a successful two weeks of bonding with people we might not have even spoken too if it were not for spoon wars! As these memories concluded, our PTAs of Traditions are ending the awards for the week. Then, they mention the special round of spoon wars with the top two from each small group competing against PTComm. My heart drops. I have to tag my beloved PTAs? The people who taught me how to tag, the people who helped me with my first tag and the ones that gave me my first spoon? How could I!? At that moment my PTAs glared at me with their respective spoons and I knew right there, all alliances and friendships with our PTAs were thrown away and it was going to be an all out battle for the title of spoon war champs. I  bonded with my fellow pledges and we devised plans that would make us go out of our way for the glory of beating PTComm. Cenation was not seen when we made our tags. Many fell but they did it for a greater cause as we rose to the top with their help. Never in my life have I been so paranoid to leave my apartment or even live at home for my roommate is also a PTA this semester. In all honesty, I would do it again. Even though it was such a grueling experience of lies, deception, and tactics, it was also a fun and great bonding experience with my fellow pledges and PTComm. I truly enjoyed the experience and am amazed at how many people I have met through spoon wars and APO in general. Sure some will remember me as the guy who stalked them to tag them with a spoon but at least it was all in LFS. :)


-Yours Truly A$hwin (Cash Money) Uday