Bring on 2016!

Hello, Alpha Alpha brothers and welcome to the first blog post of the semester! I hope you all had a great break filled with long binges on Netflix and spending time with loved ones and are prepared to tackle the rest of this year. This semester I want to challenge you all. Whether it is your first semester as a new active (shout out to the Bey’s) or your final go in the Alpha Alpha chapter, I encourage you to make it your best. Surely, you have made some great memories here with your brothers and plan on making a lot more. You’ve made some bro-ments and still have warm and fuzzies taped to your mirror, reminding you how awesome you are. However, after having put my timeline in APO and college in perspective, I have four semesters to juice every moment I possibly can. A few years from now will I remember every single detail of a service event? Or every moral dilemma Brian proposed to the office? It is most likely that I will not. But I pray I will remember how many bonds I made with the people here. I want to look back at my pledge lock-in and think of how I knew this is where I belonged. I would love to be able to tell people how amazing it was to see Dorothy’s face light up when she won bingo on a Saturday service trip. My goal is to remember a lot of you and how you impacted me. I want to be able to reminisce on the sweet memories and know why I stayed in this chapter all those semesters. So, Alpha Alpha whether it be your first or last time with us and anywhere in between, I hope you’re able to tell a lot more people about the amazing things you did with your time here. Here’s to Spring 2016!

In all of the LFS,

Franny Fotopoulos