Going the Distance to Camp Drake- Fall Retreat 2015

On October 2nd-3rd, over 100 of our brothers attended Fall Retreat 2015 at Camp Drake with the theme Going the Distance from Disney's Hercules. The theme of retreat, Going the Distance was chosen to inspire brothers to overcome obstacles in their lives, and become stronger because of mistakes made or fears overcome. There was a great mix of serious talks and personal development, as well as a ton of fun and s'mores! This was my first time at retreat and my first time at Camp Drake. Camp Drake is a cute little camp with walking trails and a super long and creepy suspension bridge over a stream, and was seriously the scariest place to be in the dark (especially because of Ari's "purple gorilla/not purple gorilla" *spoken in an accent that sounded like a Jersey accent* story). During the retreat there was some serious brother bonding and obviously some mafia being played. If you haven't gone, you should absolutely plan on it next time! Here's a mash up of the pics taken over the weekend (some are a little blurry sorry!) Shout out to Priyal Amin for doing an amazing job organizing everything, all of the awesome retreat leaders, and everyone that helped to take the tents down later the next week!

-- Kimberly Nalley