It is the vision of the Spring 2019 Executive Board to cultivate a positive environment for growth and belonging by advocating for equity and transparency through effective communication with the chapter and campus community.

Major: Political Science and Sociology

Favorite Experience in APO: "My favorite experience in Alpha Phi Omega has been attending National Convention and other conferences where I have had the privilege to meet brothers from different campuses. It is awe-inspiring to see the collective good work that Alpha Phi Omega is doing across the country, and the world."

Talk to me about: Risk Management, Executive board and chapter meeting minutes, any general complaints or concerns


President Ryan Ludwig

Major: Accountancy

Favorite Experience in APO: "Retreat during my pledging semester in the Spring of 2018 was incredible and I made a lot of my friends in APO there. I recommend everyone to apply!"

Talk to me about: Creating your own service event, concerns about a service event, collaborating with campus organizations, service back, service Opportunities (Chapter and Campus)


VP of Service External Benjamin Ross

Major: Human Resources & Industrial Relations

Favorite Experience in APO: "During my PTA semester, I had the best partner and small group I could have imagined. We all got along so well and I had never felt closer to people in APO. They helped me redefine my APO experience and for that I am forever thankful!"

Talk to me about: Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Officer Orientation, Mid-semester Review, Chapter Assessment Planning


Executive VP Danielle Evans

Major: Food Science and Human Nutrition

Favorite Experience in APO: "My favorite experience has been taking part in dance marathon with several of my brothers. It was an amazing experience to get to really experience the power of leadership, friendship, and service all in one night. I got to hear stories of strength and resiliency, bond with people in my fraternity, and got to serve the community through helping a hospital do amazing work. This was the defining moment in APO for me, and I will never forget it!"

Talk to me about: Creating your own service event, concerns about a service event, service Opportunities (Community and Country)


VP of Service Internal Emily Patzke

Major: Chemical Engineering

Favorite Experience in APO: "One of my many favorite experiences in APO was when I helped tutor students at Eater Elementary school. The dynamic between the other brothers and I was very good and that translated well into our time with the kids at Eater, who were all very enthusiastic about our help and asked many questions throughout the event. It is an event I wish I could go back to but haven't been able to because of scheduling conflicts."

Talk to me about: Alumni relations, retention efforts, membership statuses, opportunities and threat analysis


VP of Membership Lukas Bender

Major: Accountancy

Favorite Experience in APO: My favorite experience in APO was when I volunteered for the Bottenfield Fall Festival. I did this service event with some of my friends and it was an extremely enjoyable time interacting with kids and parents and being able to do service with my brothers.

Talk to me about: Financial Budgets, fundraising, membership dues


VP of Finance Josie Moy

Major: Economics & Statistics

Favorite Experience in APO: "My favorite experience was retreat in Spring 2018."

Talk to me about: Pledge (New Member) Programming, Alpha Phi Omega education, opportunities and involvement within the pledge program.



VP of Pledge Training Aman Buddaraju

VP of Pledge Training Ashwin Udayaprakash

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Minor: Statistics

Favorite Experience in APO: "Getting to truly know people at retreat."

Talk to me about: Leadership Development, leadership Opportunities, how to lead, everyday Leadership


VP of Leadership Serena Dhaon

Major: Developmental Psychology & Communication

Minor: Leadership Studies

Favorite Experience in APO: My favorite experience in APO was attending the last Region VI Conference and bonding with brothers inside Alpha Alpha and outside the chapter.

Talk to me about: Media/Social Media, public Relations, fraternal Relations, website, fraternity Conferences


VP of Communications Cristina Santillan

Major: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Favorite Experience in APO: "My favorite experience in APO has been being able to meet hundreds of people that all share the values of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. I'm happy to say that Alpha Phi Omega has been able to become a place many people can call home and a place where many people can find their best friends."

Talk to me about: Make your own fellowship, dynasty events, APO families, fellowship events, anything about Friendship


VP of Friendship Allison Park

Major: Economics

Minor: English & Statistics

Favorite Experience in APO: "My entire PTA semester was definitely one of my favorite. Making genuine connections with great people like my PTA partner and my pledges was a real highlight for me and a big reason why APO is so special to me."

Talk to me about: Risk Management, Robert’s Rules, governing Documents, Internal Review Committee, Judicial Review Committee, Nominations Committee


Sergeant-At-Arms Sarah Scott

Major: Accounting

Minor: French

Favorite Experience in APO: "Going to conferences! I really love connecting with brothers from other chapters!"

Talk to me about: Meeting minutes, the APO Office, storage space, Weekly newsletter (Alpha Alpha Bit)


Secretary Sophia Andricopulos