Haaris Khan


Major: Computer Science and Anthropology

Vision for the Chapter: "My vision for the chapter is for everyone to have an impact and
understand how powerful we all are if we work together. I think every person has something to
contribute so as we open our minds more to different possibilities we will see the beauty in everyone."

Fun Fact: This isn’t the last time I’ll be president of something #2044

Talk to me about: Risk Management, Executive board and chapter meeting minutes, any general complaints or concerns

Email: president@apo-aa.org


VP of Service External


           Lilyia Garcia


Major: Social Work

Vision for the Service Pillar: "To foster an energetic service-minded chapter
through the countless opportunities to lead and develop friendships through service."

Fun Fact: You’ll probably catch me watching a ton of YouTube videos and looking at memes in my spare time. I’m always down to grab a coffee!

Talk to me about: Creating your own service event, concerns about a service event, collaborating with campus organizations, service back, service Opportunities (Chapter and Campus)

Email: service@apo-aa.org


Executive VP


      Param Shah

Major: Civil Engineering

Vision for the Chapter: "My long term vision for the chapter includes a better understanding of and a higher affinity for
the national fraternity, a primary focus on service, and a culture of delegation and collaboration."

Fun Fact: I love snakes with hats.

Talk to me about: Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Officer Orientation, Mid-semester Review, Chapter Assessment Planning

Email: evp@apo-aa.org


VP of Service Internal


         Ishaan Kansal



Vision for the Service Pillar: 

Fun Fact: 

Talk to me about: Creating your own service event, concerns about a service event, service Opportunities (Community and Country)

Email: service@apo-aa.org


VP of Membership



    Shriya Bhargava


Major: Computer Science

Vision for the Membership Pillar: "My vision for the membership pillar is to increase transparency for what the pillar does to the chapter. I want to make our pillars work successful in ensuring new actives have a smooth transition, we have people wanting to stay in the chapter and finally alumni willing to give back to alpha alpha even after their college life."

Fun Fact: I watch Wonder Woman and broke my arms 6 times.

Talk to me about: Alumni relations, retention efforts, membership statuses, opportunities and threat analysis

Email: membership@apo-aa.org


VP of Finance



    Ben Pauling



Major: Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Vision for the Finance Pillar: “To establish and maintain financial processes that will help us maintain financial security that helps our chapter do everything it does.”

Fun Fact: I grew up on a farm.

Talk to me about: Financial Budgets, fundraising, membership dues

Email: finance@apo-aa.org



VP of Pledge Training


                 Kevin Ho


Major: English and Secondary Education

Vision for Pledge Training: "To develop flourishing leaders through the impact of service and

Fun Fact: I can put my leg over my head and eat/drink super fast - challenge accepted.

Talk to me about: Pledge (New Member) Programming, Alpha Phi Omega education, opportunities and involvement within the pledge program.

Email: pt@apo-aa.org


VP of Pledge Training


              Katie Clark



Vision for Pledge Training:

Fun Fact:

Talk to me about: Pledge (New Member) Programming, Alpha Phi Omega education, opportunities and involvement within the pledge program.

Email: pt@apo-aa.org


Vice President of Leadership


         Carol Eldeek

Major: MCB and Psychology

Vision for the Leadership Pillar: "To create an environment where we not only influence, but inspire others to influence."

Fun Fact: I'm afraid of fortune tellers/psychics/the people who try to guess your weight at

Talk to me about: Leadership Development, leadership Opportunities, how to lead, everyday Leadership

Email: leadership@apo-aa.org



Vice President of Communications


     Clariza Adao

Major: Communication

Vision for the Communications Pillar: 

Fun Fact: On August 2015, I spoke on Good Morning Chicago (Fox 32) to talk about Step Up
Women’s Network.

Talk to me about: Media/Social Media, public Relations, fraternal Relations, apo-aa.org website, fraternity Conferences

Email: communications@apo-aa.org


Vice President of Friendship


         Demi Gentry


Major: Animal Science

Vision for the Friendship Pillar: "To promote brotherhood throughout the chapter and create lasting friendships through small-to- large scale programming and integration."

Fun Fact: I have 26
piercings (and counting)

Talk to me about: Make your own fellowship, dynasty events, APO families, fellowship events, anything about Friendship

Email: friendship@apo-aa.org



Brittany Curtis

Major: English

Vision for the Chapter: "In my mind, I want the chapter to be a community where people from all walks of life come
together under the common goal of community service."

Fun Fact:I can play over six musical instruments

Talk to me about: Risk Management, Robert’s Rules, governing Documents, Internal Review Committee, Judicial Review Committee, Nominations Committee

Email: sgtatarms@apo-aa.org




           Bella Pon

Major: Art History and Business Minor

Vision for the Chapter: “To bring more people together with their love of service."

Fun Fact: I modeled for a McDonalds ad campaign.

Talk to me about: Meeting minutes, the APO Office, storage space, Weekly newsletter (Alpha Alpha Bit)

Email: secretary@apo-aa.org