Mary Kate Gorman

Major: Marketing

Vision for the Chapter: "To create a chapter environment of understanding, dedication, and success. My vision is for the entire board to work together to foster the development of brothers in Leadership, Friendship, and Service."

Fun Fact: I was almost a baby model - if not for the vein under my eye my whole life could’ve been changed!

Talk to me about: Risk Management, Executive board and chapter meeting minutes, any general complaints or concerns

Email: president@apo-aa.org


VP of Service External

Lilyia Garcia

Major: Social Work

Vision for the Service Pillar: "To foster an energetic service-minded chapter
through the countless opportunities to lead and develop friendships through service."

Fun Fact: You’ll probably catch me watching a ton of YouTube videos and looking at memes in my spare time. I’m always down to grab a coffee!

Talk to me about: Creating your own service event, concerns about a service event, collaborating with campus organizations, service back, service Opportunities (Chapter and Campus)

Email: service@apo-aa.org

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 12.11.24 AM.png

Executive VP

Shriya Bhargava

Major: Computer Science

Vision for the Chapter: "Since Executive Vice President is a comparatively new position, I really want to help establish its place in the chapter more. This includes really strengthening the relationship between President and EVP. My vision for this pillar is making the Strategic Planning map accessible to everyone and becoming more transparent with our chapter in terms of long term and short term goals."

Fun Fact: I can hula hoop for an hour straight!

Talk to me about: Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Officer Orientation, Mid-semester Review, Chapter Assessment Planning

Email: evp@apo-aa.org


VP of Service Internal

Ishaan Kansal


Vision for the Service Pillar:

Fun Fact:

Talk to me about: Creating your own service event, concerns about a service event, service Opportunities (Community and Country)

Email: service@apo-aa.org


VP of Membership

Shriya Bhargava

Major: Computer Science

Vision for the Membership Pillar: "My vision for the membership pillar is to increase transparency for what the pillar does to the chapter. I want to make our pillars work successful in ensuring new actives have a smooth transition, we have people wanting to stay in the chapter and finally alumni willing to give back to alpha alpha even after their college life."

Fun Fact: I watch Wonder Woman and broke my arms 6 times.

Talk to me about: Alumni relations, retention efforts, membership statuses, opportunities and threat analysis

Email: membership@apo-aa.org


VP of Finance

Josie Moy

Major: Accountancy

Vision for the Finance Pillar: “To ensure that the Chapter is financially stable at all times as well as maintaining financial security in everything we do”

Fun Fact: I go to Canada at least once every year!

Talk to me about: Financial Budgets, fundraising, membership dues

Email: finance@apo-aa.org


VP of Pledge Training

Kevin Ho

Major: English and Secondary Education

Vision for Pledge Training: "To develop flourishing leaders through the impact of service and

Fun Fact: I can put my leg over my head and eat/drink super fast - challenge accepted.

Talk to me about: Pledge (New Member) Programming, Alpha Phi Omega education, opportunities and involvement within the pledge program.

Email: pt@apo-aa.org


VP of Pledge Training

Katie Clark


Vision for Pledge Training:

Fun Fact:

Talk to me about: Pledge (New Member) Programming, Alpha Phi Omega education, opportunities and involvement within the pledge program.

Email: pt@apo-aa.org


Vice President of Leadership

Nidhi Singh

Major: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Vision for the Leadership Pillar: "To inspire others to lead and to utilize leadership as a way to affect positive change, not only amongst others, but within themselves.”

Fun Fact: I am almost always watching Youtube videos! Also, I am always down to get pizza!!

Talk to me about: Leadership Development, leadership Opportunities, how to lead, everyday Leadership

Email: leadership@apo-aa.org


Vice President of Communications

Clariza Adao

Major: Communication

Vision for the Communications Pillar:

Fun Fact: On August 2015, I spoke on Good Morning Chicago (Fox 32) to talk about Step Up
Women’s Network.

Talk to me about: Media/Social Media, public Relations, fraternal Relations, apo-aa.org website, fraternity Conferences

Email: communications@apo-aa.org


Vice President of Friendship

Demi Gentry

Major: Animal Science

Vision for the Friendship Pillar: "To promote brotherhood throughout the chapter and create lasting friendships through small-to- large scale programming and integration."

Fun Fact: I have 26
piercings (and counting)

Talk to me about: Make your own fellowship, dynasty events, APO families, fellowship events, anything about Friendship

Email: friendship@apo-aa.org



Avalon Dittmer

Major: Special Education

Vision for the Chapter: "From governing documents to risk management and everything in between, the work of this pillar is woven into every Brother’s Alpha Alpha experience. I hope to clearly communicate to the Chapter what my officers and I do, and bring all members to feel more fluent in things like Roberts Rules and our policies to utilize in their areas of passion within the Chapter. Together, we can boost efficiency, safety, and a sense of brotherhood."

Fun Fact: I live ~30 min from Starved Rock State Park (and you will likely hear this a lot from me lol). Come hike with me and take pretty pics of ~nature~!

Talk to me about: Risk Management, Robert’s Rules, governing Documents, Internal Review Committee, Judicial Review Committee, Nominations Committee

Email: sgtatarms@apo-aa.org



Naveer Madni

Major: Economics

Vision for the Chapter: “To reintroduce creativity and passion in a position and pillar regarded as something completely administrative. With the help of others just as invested in this fraternity as I am, I hope to engage and ignite the passion we all have to do things not only for ourselves, but for the greater good of our brothers, chapter, and community."

Fun Fact: I traveled across Morocco for a few days without knowing any Arabic or French!

Talk to me about: Meeting minutes, the APO Office, storage space, Weekly newsletter (Alpha Alpha Bit)

Email: secretary@apo-aa.org