Pre Ritual Requirements  

1 Service Etiquette Point

2 LFSD (Leadership, Friendship, Service, Dynasty) Points

Pledge Meetings 1,2,3

1st Set of Dues ($45)



Pledge Facebook Page

Officer Interview Form

Weekly Awards

End of Semester Awards


Meeting Minutes

Pledge Meeting #1

Pledge Meeting #2









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Full Requirements

22 Service Hours

1 Service Etiquette Point

4 Fellowship Points

4 Leadership Points

2 Dynasty Points

2 Pledge Project Points

2 Governing Docs/Risk Management Points

5 Fellowship Integration Points

5 Leadership Integration Points

1 National Fraternity Point


Attendance At

10 Pledge Meetings

3 Chapter Meetings

Pledge Ritual

Pledge Reflection

Pledge Review (If needed)




1st Set of Dues ($45)

2nd Set of Dues ($40)

3 Quizzes Passed (Can only fail each quiz once; one retake allowed passing 80%)

Completed Pledge Book





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