Halfway Deadline Requirements

What you need by March 11th, 11:59 PM

  • 1 Chapter Meeting
  • Pledge Meetings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • 10 Service Hours 
  • 2 Leadership Points
  • 2 Fellowship Points
  • 1 Dynasty Point 
  • 1 Pledge Project Point
  • 1 Risk Management Point
  • 2 Fellowship Integration Points
  • 2 Leadership Integration Points
  • First set of dues ($45)

Pre Ritual Requirements

What you need by February 18th, 11:59 PM

  • First set of dues ($45)

What you need by Ritual, February 20th, 7 PM

  • 1 Rush Info Session
  • Pledge Meetings 1, 2, 3
  • 2 L,F,S, OR D Points (one of either/or)
  • Service Etiquette Point

Full APO Online Requirements

What you need by April 13th, 11:59 PM

  • 22 Service Hours - Awarded for attending Service events.
  • 4 Leadership Points - Awarded for attending Leadership events.
  • 4 Fellowship Points - Awarded for attending Fellowship events.
  • 2 Dynasty Points - Awarded for attending Dynasty events.
  • 1 Service Etiquette Point - Awarded for attending a Service Etiquette workshop.
  • 2 Pledge Project points - Awarded for attending pledge project events.
  • 2 Risk Management Point - Awarded for attending a Risk Management Workshop and Governing Documents .
  • 5 Fellowship Integration Points - Various events on APO Online, also see below.
  • 5 Leadership Integration Points - Various events on APO Online, also see below.
  • 1 National Fraternity Point - Various events such as APO Launch, also see below.
  • $85 Dues ($45 by ritual, in full by initiation) - Awarded for paying membership dues on APO Online.  There will be a blue bar at the bottom of your member home page on APO Online, marked “Dues Progress”.  Click the “pay online” button to the upper right of that bar and it will take you to a page with a PayPal plug in.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding dues, feel free to contact the pledge trainers.

Ritual and Meeting Requirements

  • 10 Pledge Meetings – These meetings are every Sunday at 6PM and will be held in 114 DKH.  This is where you will receive most of the information that is crucial to pledging as well as passing your quizzes!  The makeups will be held on Mondays at 9PM in 317 Gregory Hall, but use them sparingly as we are only permitting 2 makeups (one for an unexcused absence and one for an excused absence) per person!
                 **If you are more than 5 minutes late without notifying us in advance you will be asked to attend the makeup meeting.
  • 3 Chapter Meetings – Awarded for attending Active Chapter meetings, Sundays at 8PM 100 Noyes. There will be someone there to take your attendance, BUT please make sure to tell them you are a pledge.
  • Pledge Ritual – This event is when you officially become pledges of Alpha Phi Omega.  The dress code is Business Casual (no jeans, no sneakers!).  Held on Tuesday, February 20th in the ARC MP6 (BRING YOUR ICARD!!!) from 7-9PM. If you cannot attend this, please fill out this form.  See above for your pre ritual requirements. PLEASE ARRIVE AT 6:40PM!
  • Pledge Reflection – This event is where we take feedback on the pledge program and how we can improve in the future.  It will be held on Thursday, April 12th at 7pm.  Because we are doing these in smaller groups to better facilitate discussion, you will not receive the room you are in until the meeting before reflection.  The makeup date is TBD.
  • Initiation – This event is where you officially become a brother of Alpha Phi Omega!  The dress code is Business Casual.  It will be held on Tuesday, April 17th. Location TBA, but be early.
  • 3 Quizzes – These will taken during the pledge meetings and will require an 80% or better to pass.  These will cover topics covered during the previous pledge meetings including National Fraternity History and Chapter Leadership Structure.  These should not be difficult if you dedicate time to study for them, however should you not pass on your first try you are allowed ONE retake per quiz in the APO office during PTA Office hours before the next pledge meeting.  

Point Descriptions

Service Hours (need 22 total)

The purpose of service pillar is to give back to the country, community, campus, and chapter through attending service events. Weekly service events as well as larger scale one-time events are events that allow our brothers to look beyond personal interests and serve others by volunteering.

Examples include (but are not limited to)

  • Weekly service events: Books to Prisoners, Cat Snap, Healing Horses, ETC Coffee, Phoenix Center, Refugee Tutoring, SWANN School and Uniplace
  • One-time service events: Bottenfield Carnival, Pinewood Derby, Read Across America

Leadership (need 4 total)

The purpose of the leadership pillar is to facilitate individual growth through programming meant to emphasize qualities such as communication, creativity, emotional intelligence, self awareness, and self care. It also gives us the opportunity to develop and expand upon leadership skills like public speaking, the ability to facilitate and engage in dialogue, and planning our personal and professional lives.

Examples are

  • Weekly leadership events: APO Classrooms, Roundtables, Professional Development Events, Healthy Lifestyles Events, Campus Resource events
  • Large scale events: Leaderpalooza, International Dinner, Fitness Fanatics, Etiquette Dinner

Fellowship (need 4 total)

The purpose of the fellowship pillar is to promote a sense of bonding and brotherhood through fun events. This is executed through small- and large-scale bonding events throughout the semester.

Examples are

  • Small scale events: Taco Tuesday, Game Night, Bowling, Movie Night, Ice Skating
  • Large scale events: APOlympics, Brotherly Feud, Labor Day Barbeque

Dynasty (need 2 total)

The purpose of dynasties is to help make a large chapter feel smaller. With so many members, it can be easy to feel lost or disconnected. Dynasties divides brothers into six groups and helps you get to know brothers within your dynasty. Through events that promote bonding and a family aspect, you will become closer with your fellow brothers and pledge class.

Examples are: Dynasty Sorting, Dynasty Day, various large and small scale Dynasty events

Service ETIQUETTE (need 1 total)

The purpose of Service Etiquette is to introduce how to sign up for service events, how to attend the events, how to be an active participant, and lastly how to be an event coordinator if you decide to volunteer as one or are automatically chosen. Just as a reminder one of your pledge points for the semester is to attend one of these Service Etiquette classroom so please plan accordingly.

Pledge Project (need 2 total)

The purpose of Pledge Project is to introduce pledges to leadership and service by having them plan and facilitate their own service projects for the entire pledge class. The Pledge Project Coordinators will plan events for other pledges to attend and work towards completing the service projects that have been chosen. Pledges will be able to choose chapter, campus, community, or country service events in order to fulfill their requirements.

Risk Management/Governing Documents (need 2 total)

The purpose of the risk management point is to educate you on risk management issues relevant to both Alpha Alpha and the national fraternity, and to educate you on our chapter’s governing documents. You will attain the first point by attending a risk management workshop, and the second point by completing the governing documents page in your pledge book and participating in the governing documents activity during a small group breakout session.

Leadership Integration Points (need 5 total)

Leadership-Integration are opportunities for pledges to learn more about leadership roles that will be available to them after pledging

  • Officer Interviews (.5 pt per Interview; Max 1 pt)
  • Committee Meetings (1 pt per Meeting [.5 for attending; .5 for filling out form])
  • Retreat Leaders (1 pt)
  • Pillar Talks (1 pt per Pillar Talk; Max 8)
  • Pillar “Open House” at End of Semester (1 pt)
  • Experience APO (1 pt)
  • Hosting Brother-Led Events (1 Leadership Integration per Event Hosted + Leadership Points)
  • Extra Chapter Meetings (1 per Extra Meeting)
  • Holding a leadership position (2-3 pts)

Fellowship Integration Points (need 5 total)

Fellowship-Integration is a chance to integrate and get to know actives better

  • Dynasty Sorting Event (1 pt)
  • Lock-In (2 pts)
  • Dynasty Day (1 pt)
  • APOlympics (1 pt per Event)
  • Office Hours ( .5 pt per Hour, Max 1.5 pts)
  • Pledge/Active Bonding Day (2 pts)
  • Snapchat Kindnapping (.5 pt per Hangout)
  • Small group hangouts (1 pt per Hangout)

National Fraternity (need 1 total)

The purpose of the national fraternity point is to help you look beyond our chapter and into Alpha Phi Omega as a national service fraternity. With over 400,000 members and 370 chapters, there are many people to meet and a variety of resources the fraternity provides, especially for leadership development.

Examples are:

  • APO Launch
  • Section 50 Service Project
  • Conferences
  • Inter-chapter events put on by our Fraternal Relations Chair, Brein Mosely (fraternalrelations@apo-aa.org) and Communications Committee