The Rules of Spoon Wars

Where do I get a spoon? ➧

Can I reinforce my spoon? ➧

When does spoon wars start and end? ➧

What happens if I spoon someone else? How long do I have to report the kill? ➧

Do I need to do anything after I spoon someone? What is the purpose of asking 3 questions? ➧

What happens if I feel I’ve been killed unjustly? What do I do then? ➧

What happens if we spoon spoon each other at the exact same time? ➧

How many points are each kill? ➧

What happens if I spoon someone else and my spoon breaks on impact? ➧

How long is spoon wars and who do we face each week? ➧

What will happen is someone is too aggressive or has a lot of offenses? ➧

Is there a way to be removed from spoon wars due to illegal offenses? ➧

Are there any other bonuses to spooning someone? ➧

If I get spooned, can I run away before the opponent asks the question? ➧

What happens if I get spooned but the person who killed me doesn’t ask the questions right away? ➧

What is a suicide and do I need to report one? ➧

Safe Zones

  • RSO complex/APO office: You are not safe until you are on the carpet within the double doors that are to the right at the top of the stairs
  • While attending any APO-sanctioned event (pledge family meetings, anything signed up for on the website, committee meetings, etc.)
  • 15 min before and 15 min after any of the events listed above have ended, regardless of location (the only exception to this rule is if the event runs later than 15 minutes passed the scheduled finish time. In this case wait for the event to end. Drivers may not kill or be killed while driving. No exceptions to that rule #RiskManagement.)
  • Kills cannot be made in during class (this rule is in effect unless class starts late or ends early)
  • You can only make a kill within a dorm room/apartment if you have been invited in by your target (the rest of the building is fair game).
  • If your roommate is in an opposing small group, you can kill them in any room other than their own (so no killing in dorm rooms, but in an apartment only their room is off limits; if you're not their roommate the entire apartment or house if off limits)
  • You cannot attempt to make a kill by reaching into a safe zone from outside the threshold
  • Make-up meetings are safe zones with 15 min before and after buffer.
  • PTA conferences are safe zones with no commute time

Additional Info

  • You may not grab or try to push a spoon away. This will result in an automatic suicide. The only way to deflect a kill is to either not let the spoon touch you at all or to hit your opponent with your spoon at the exact same time
  • If your spoon breaks or is lost at any point during the course of a round, this will count as your “death.” This should be reported on the same website as the other kills are. The other team will get points for any suicides.
  • This includes if your spoon breaks in the process of killing another player.  One new spoon will be issued to you for the following week. However, if you lose/break your spoon again, you will not receive a new one and your team will be short a player for the remainder of spoon wars
  • You cannot make a kill with a broken spoon!!
  • Each kill is worth THREE points
  • Continuing to “kill” members of the opposite team after you have already been killed will not be tolerated! IF YOU ARE CAUGHT DOING SO, YOUR SPOON WILL BE TAKEN AWAY AND YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE REST OF THE COMPETITION!! (I don’t want to see this happen to anyone!)


  • Carry your spoon with you EVERYWHERE!!! You never know when you may have the opportunity to make a kill.
  • Talk to PALs for any tips, questions, and information to killing the active group.
  • Creep/stalk the members of the other small groups. Find out where they live, their class schedule, etc.
  • Meet other pledges, talk, and bond (after making that important kill, of course)!! This is the purpose of this competition, after all.