The Rules of Spoon Wars

Safe Zones

  • Illini Union - Inside and around the Union up to 15 feet is considered safe and tags will not be counted if committed in this area. 
  • APO Business Meetings (ex: pledge exec meetings, committee meetings) - You are not allowed to tag or be tagged 10 minutes before or after Business meetings, nor during. This is based on when the Business Meeting ended, not when it was supposed to end as Business Meetings are not listed on APO Online.
  • Small Group Hangouts - You cannot tag or be tagged 10 minutes before and after a small group hangout, nor during the event.
  • Non-sanctioned "fun" events such as family and dynasty hangouts - You cannot be tagged or be tagged 5 minutes before and after the event, nor during the event.
  • After a tag - After completing a legal tag, you cannot tag or be tagged for the next five minutes
  • Work - You cannot tag someone who is working up to 2 minutes before or after their shift, nor during their shift.
  • Simultaneous Tags - 5 minutes where you cannot tag or be tagged, only pertaining to the two involved. Ex: If you and an opponent tag each other simultaneously, you both cannot tag each other for five minutes. BUT other small group members may come and attempt a tag.
  • Official APO events excluding Small Group Hangouts - You are not allowed to tag or be tagged 15 minutes before or after the times listed on APOOnline, nor during the event. Ex: If you attend Uniplace, you cannot be tagged 15 minutes before or after the times listed on APOOnline
  • Class - You cannot be tag or be tagged during class, but any time before or after class is fair game

Additional Info

  • Make sure to complete the Tag Form in order for your Tag to be counted for points!
  • If you have any other questions or have a special concern, create a group chat with PTAs of Traditions Ally and Naveer.


  • Check APOonline to see opponents and their events, try to be sneaky and stake out until after their grace period ends
  • Be patient
  • Ask actives for help if they are willing
  • Prepare to get snaked

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